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Within the business, the activity of acquiring new customers in terms of processes and costs is the most demanding and often the most expensive. At the same time, it is also the most important for the expansion of the customer network and thus for the growth and stability of each company. SMART smart services make this activity easier and significantly cheaper for you.

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We will call the target construction market for you in a minimum of time

As part of the service SMART calls we work with your business opportunities from the ISTAV SMART service. We will contact your potential customers by phone, identify the current business potential and arrange further negotiations or direct meetings between the customer and your sales representative.

What the service will do for you

It ensures interest in meeting with a potential customer

Provides contacts to new business partners

It saves money and time for acquiring a new customer

The SMART calls can only be used in combination with the Istav SMART service.

We will provide you with highly relevant information for determining your business strategy

As part of the service SMART market analysis we process information on target planned constructions, required contact persons or competitors. For this analysis, we use information from the ISTAV SMART service in your target market segment.

What the service will do for you

Find out unpublished details about the buildings you are monitoring

Identifies opportunities in the current or potential market

It describes what your target group looks like and what its decision-making processes are

We will present your company and products to potential customers at the right time.

We will address your potential customers through a personalized business letter, which we will process and send for you. We use identified business opportunities from the ISTAV SMART service to build a database of recipients.

What the service will do for you

It will introduce you to a potential customer when the choice of the type of material or service is in the decision-making process

It will increase awareness of your company and deepen trust

It will help with product launch

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