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Vybudování bytového domu C1, C2 v obytném komplexu VIVUS - V. etapa - Praha 9

Přístavba pastevního přístřešku (zimoviště) - Svatoslav

Vybudování zóny obchodu a služeb v Hrdějovicích - Hrdějovice

Rekonstrukce silničního mostu ev.č. 11766-1 - Točník

Stavba veřejného vodovodu - Zlonice

Stránka 1 2 3 ... 7443 7444 7445
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We provide you with highly relevant market data about planned construction projects in the Czech republic and Slovakia in the segment of private, commercial and public construction segments.

Our very own database is based on unique and long-term relationships with our informers, our specialised research team and automated data collection and analysis technology. This information is an business opportunities for you to develop your business.

Who are we searching business opportunities for?

General contractors

Manufacturers of building materials

Construction subcontractors

Companies linked with constructions and operation of buildings

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