We are a leading provider of business opportunities for the Czech and Slovak construction industry

We provide you with highly relevant market data that is essential for you in identifying and generating potential customers. Our very own database is based on unique and long-term relationships with our informers, our specialised research team and automated data collection and analysis technology. This information is an opportunity for you to develop your business. We’ve been providing assistance in acquiring gain new business co-operationand beyond, since 1995.

Take a look at our history

Establishment of ISTAV in the Czech Republic.


Running under Business Media s.r.o., we operate as a magazine.

We are becoming part of the DOCUGroup.


We are gaining great technological development.

We are launching the sale of an online platform ISTAV XPLORER in the Czech Republic.


We are preparing to enter the Slovak market.

We benefit from our experience in providing information in the Czech Republic.


We are launching the sale of online project information in Slovakia.

We leave the DOCUGroup.


We arise as a separate entity Istav Media s.r.o.

We are becoming part of a global group BYGGFAKTA GROUP.


BYGGFAKTA GROUP provides project information in more than 21 countries around the world.

Another technological boom is taking place.


We are launching a new application ISTAV SMART.

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